Welcome to the Consentua Service API


Consentua originates from the 2015 Cognicity Challenge, Canary Wharf Groups Smart City Accelerator. KnowNow were invited participants and although not winners of their section, one element of their smart city app. The TRUST API, caught the audiences imagination.

As a citizen you can see in a transparent manner the choices you have over what personal data to share with a requestor; as well as having control over that data as per GDPR.

After two years of development, including a commission from Innovate UK and a successful soft launch at VivaTech Paris, Consentua is now available on general release.

KnowNow Information is an award winning digital innovation company, specialising in finding those ‘eureka’ moments, delivering new products and services for our customers and ourselves.


A linear consent service is where a consent request is built up over a number of layers. Represented in Consentua by our ‘slider’. The more personal data willing to be shared, the better the experience provided.

For example, level 1 is a simple request for a minimal amount of personal data in return for a simple service offering. Through to level 5 which is a richer service experience facilitated by a greater amount of personal data being shared. Levels 2 to 4 are varying in their service quality for data exchange. Consentua does not fix the levels of consent interchange, that is up to you.


A binary consent is the classic yes/no option. Great for simple consent requests, with a single type of personal data and a single purpose. For example, please can I use your email address to send you marketing information. Yes or No.


Consentua helps build trust. Giving users choice and control over their personal data. Enabling a more trusted and transparent relationship between the customer and the service provider.

Suitable for use across any industry or sector where organisations and business want to demonstrate how they are going to process personal data.

Why would I need Consentua?

  1. When you want to empower the business to have control over the terms and conditions of use of your service. No further IT team involvement required, as Consentua can be dynamically updated with no downtime involved.
  2. If you want a flexible, secure and easy to install consent management tool.
  3. If you want a single go to place to store consent receipts, that others both internal and external wish to view and use. Consentua is your ‘consent hub’.
  4. If you need to have a single consent mechanism but have multiple operations across different counties, so need to support different languages but want to maintain a common approach.
  5. When you want to give your customers choice and control over the personal data they share with you.